Who On Team USA Plays with Dita?

Michelle Kasold:
"I love my Dita EXA MK18 because I helped design it. It is exactly formed to what I want in a stick. It has a great balance of power and touch. It feels smooth with dribbling skills, but provides tremendous power for hitting, as well. It is the perfect elite stick."

Stefanie Fee:
"I love to play with the Dita EXA 200 (2013 edition). The unique mold enhances 3D dribbling skills and offers elite execution of precision passing and aerials."

Kat Sharkey: "The Black Cat is a very light stick, which allows me to get quick shots off from anywhere in the circle. In addition, I feel I have much more power in both my forehand and backhand shots with the Black Cat. I really feel that the touch and feel of this stick gives me complete control as an attacker and makes me a threat in the circle."

Lauren Pfeiffer: "I love the EXA200 because of the toe shape -- it allows for easy control on the ball and is great for aerial play. The hit is solid and I can also get a nice drag flick from it. I played forward and now I'm back in the deep defense -- this is a great stick for either position."

Dita is pronounced: "DEE-TUH"

The History of Dita Field Hockey Sticks  Toward the end of the nineteenth century Mr

The History of Dita Field Hockey Sticks
Toward the end of the nineteenth century Mr. Allah Dita pioneered the production of field hockey sticks, cricket bats, and table tennis paddles; in what was then the undivided sub-continent of India. His goods were made for both for the local and export markets.

The original sticks did not bear the brand name we know today as Dita. The Dita brand name came about as homage to the founder of the company by his son, the late Mr. K. M. Iqbal.

The family run business is moving into its fourth generation of producing high quality, handcrafted field hockey sticks. Chief amongst Dita products is the international benchmark stick, the Dita Mega Pro, now known as the Dita Mega W 3.

Dita started combining fiberglass and other materials in 1972, with the aim of creating the best possible field hockey stick available for the demands of the then new turf game, introducing the Dita Mega Pro to the world at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Pronunciation and meaning of the name Dita


Dita is an Urdu word. Urdu is the major language of Pakistan. There are multiple meanings and translations of the word, but the best English translation seems to be: 

heaven sent, or gift from God.

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