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<font color= #ffffff>EXA 100 2016 - REGULAR PRICE $325 - SOLD OUT

EXA 100 2016 - REGULAR PRICE $325 - SOLD OUT

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POWER INDEX = 10.30; the EXA series provides extreme power, yet still be able to stop the ball with very little rebound
BENDING = 19 mm - "Standard Curve" is a conventional bend that will suit a wide range of players.
HEAD SHAPE = Maxi shape; the toe tips away from the shaft for increased control.
WEIGHT = Light
Carbon 50% / Fiberglas 45% / Aramid 5%

This stick has a Small bend and is head heavy. The weight in the head allows more momentum on hits. The Small bend helps keep hits on the ground. The medium amount of carbon will allow the stick to be forgiving on receptions but still provide a big hit. The Maxi head gives this stick the widest sweet spot of all Dita sticks. This stick is designed for intermediate-high level players but can also be used by beginners. The Exa 100 is normally preferred by defensive players, but can be used effectively in any position.