With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, you’re playing to win.


EXA RANGE - OUR TOP OF THE LINE <br><font face="Arial" size="2" color="#000000"><b>$215 to $480
The EXA Series is different from all other composites. The Power is greater, yet touch is not sacrificed. Players from novice to elite level report both an increase in ball speed and greater control. The rebound that often accompanies a more powerful composite is much less prevalent in the EXA 100 through EXA 400. The EXA 500, 600 and 700 increase in touch on the ball but also increase in stiffness.

What really makes the EXA series unique is the use of Nano Rasin Technology, a spectacular innovation.

Ian Scally, of the USA Men's team, talks about his EXA choice:

"I first started using DITA in 2006 and I have not looked back since. I play in different positions on the field but my stick is always the same. I use the EXA 600 and I get the touch that is necessary to play in the midfield, the power to shoot as a forward and the perfect weight distribution to play defense. I can't have enough of these sticks in my bag and I always love breaking in a new one."

Smart Players Know Dita Improves Their Game.

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