With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, youíre playing to win.

We Can Cut Your Stick. But Give Me a Chance to Talk You Out of It.

Let me talk you out of cutting your stick down.

Dutch players almost all use 36.5" sticks.

Let me talk you out of cutting your stick down.

Dutch players almost all use 36.5" sticks.

Watch an elite, international player and you will notice they tend to move their left hand according to the action they are involved with at any given moment.

When you use the Dutch Sizing Method, you should do what the Dutch do with this information. They mark the stick at the ideal length, i.e., where their left hand should grasp the handle for most effective hitting and dribbling. Perhaps that measurement is at 36" or 35". That means they have a little extra length on their handle, above where they grasp the stick.

What do elite players do with the extra length? They use it when they need it to tackle or intercept or receive passes.

If you cut a stick down you will lose the extra length that you have removed. This might mean that the one inch you have thrown away wonít be there when you need to intercept a pass or make a tackle. Think of it this way: if you have the length, you get the ball. If you donít have the ball, the other team scores! Your missing inch could be the difference between winning and not.

How do they know when their left hand is in the right place for dribbling or hitting?

The player has used the Dutch Sizing Method and has marked the handle one inch below his or her knee cap. Elite players then make that point on the stick obvious, often using a ring of tape or a rubberband, secured in place with some tape. Even without looking, the player learns the feel of where the left hand should be positioned for the best stick skills. In other words, the only reason for cutting a stick down is if you are certain you will never need that extra inch or half inch to save the game.

To "choke up", move your hands lower on the handle, rather than cut down your stick.

If you cut your stick you would lose the extra reach.

Smart Players Know Dita Improves Their Game.

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