With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, you’re playing to win.

As an Online Shopper, myself, I have certain expectations. As an Online Merchant, I want to treat my shoppers with the same respect I want....

Our online service philosophy

I believe that field hockey players should be given the best service possible.

The best service starts with the best selection.

Since the best way to select a field hockey stick is to feel it in your hands, I encourage you to visit your local Dita dealer. Dealers listed on our site have a large number of Dita sticks in stock.

If you do not have a Dita dealer nearby, by all means order online.

I shop online myself. Therefore I know how I want to be treated as an online shopper.

As an online shopper, I want to know that my order has gone through. So, as an online merchant, I always send two emails to players who place an order. The first is a form letter acknowledging receipt of the order. The second is a personal message confirming specifics, such as clarification about the items chosen and when the package should arrive at its destination.

As a conscientious merchant, I later send an inquiry asking delivery confirmation and if the client is pleased with the contents.

Both as a merchant and shopper, I want to know that there is a return policy. Our Return Policy: Any stick may be returned for a full refund if returned in new, unused condition. Return must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase or a 20% restocking fee may be deducted from the refund.

WARRANTY Although rare, defective workmanship does sometimes occur. Dita will repair or replace your stick if it is broken during normal play, within three months of purchase. Please keep a record of where and when you purchased your Dita stick. Examples of broken sticks include: a stick which the head or a large portion of as come off, a handle or shaft that is in two pieces. NOT COVERED; chips, scratches, nicks, “invisible cracks”, unraveling grip, cracks in the label, worn stick heel, vibration, or any other result of normal use. The above will not affect play of the stick. IF YOU DO BREAK YOUR DITA WITHIN THREE MONTHS: We recommend you first email an image or two to warranty@fieldhockey.net with full details of your name, email address, phone number and how it broke or when you first noticed the break. We MUST authorize each return and will give an RA#.

Refund Policy: Only unused items may be returned for refund.
Goods must be in original wrappings and show no sign of use.

email STICKexpert@fieldhockey.net to set up an appointment.

(Often she will call you back immediately).
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