With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, you’re playing to win.

Basic stick maintenance is key to extending the life of your stick

Tape the lower 4-5 inches of the shaft to lessen the impact of 'hacking' from other players: Any color Athletic tape will do and your stick can be customized by using permanent marker to draw pictures, add your name, or get autographs from your team!

Use 2-Part Epoxy from any hardware store (we suggest 5 minute epoxy) to fill in any chips: Clean the surface, sand it rough, then mix the 2 part epoxy, let set for 5 minutes, and apply with a wooden tongue depressor or applicator supplied to fill in chips. A layer of electrical tape placed over the epoxy will create a smoother surface, but is not necessary. Let cure as directed, usually 24 hours, then file smooth. If desired, Auto Touch up paint can be purchased at an auto store to match to color of your stick.

If the heel of a composite stick begins to wear, the fibers should be trimmed and an epoxy should be used to cover and protect the surface. See instructions above.

Grips become dirty and can either be replaced or washed. To replace a grip, start at the middle of the stick and wrap tightly, overlapping 1/8" working your way in a counter-clock-wise direction toward the top of the stick. Trim any excess. Use electrical or athletic tape at both the middle and top of the stick. To get the proper overlap, practice is suggested before peeling away the adhesive cover.

Vibrations can be caused by any material that is not secured to the stick, such as tape that is peeling up, and should be trimmed at all times.

A 'rain stick' sound is caused by tiny particles breaking off inside the composite 'honey-combing' of the stick and usually occurs after a hard impact. Don't worry, the stick is not broken. The cap of the stick may be removed by peeling back the grip, drilling out the rivets, removing the cap and tapping out the particles. Put the cap back on and seal with electrical tape, then the grip can be re-wrapped by using 2-sided carpet tape and tape the top of the grip with electrical tape. Or, the easy way is to drill a 1/4" hole in the cap of the stick, tap out the particles, and tape over and around the top of the cap.

Smart Players Know Dita Improves Their Game.

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