With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, you’re playing to win.


Item# BlackGloves PAIR
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More information for your inquisitive mind:

SIZING SUGGESTION Here are fitting suggestions based upon measurement of the index finger. Bend your index finger. Measure from the second knuckle joint to the finger tip.

SMALL = up to 1 1/2" long
MEDIUM = up to 2" long
LARGE = Over 2"

Sold only in pairs. The White/Red Glove PRO is thinner than the Bone Protector Glove

Two Handed full finger protection. Experienced Players, indoor or outdoor, know to protect both hands.

Ultra soft leather palms, with vents. High density finger protection foam. Wide elastic wristband with velcro fastener.

The design of the vents and fabric allow your hands to "breathe". The foam does not come into direct contact with your hand, due to a knitted glove shell between your hand and the foam.

Multiple "joints" in the foam permit maximum flexibility.
Your hand is not constricted, only PROTECTED!

Size fitting guide:
LARGE = average size adult male.
MEDIUM = average size adult female.
SMALL = females 5' or shorter.
These sizes are approximate and may not work for everyone.

Smart Players Know Dita Improves Their Game.

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