With a Dita stick in your hands and Dita shoes on your feet, you’re playing to win.

Turf Slim Azure Are Designed For Narrower Feet

Turf Slim Azure  - made for narrow feet  for Dry Turf or Dry Grass
Turf Slim Azure - made for narrow feet for Dry Turf or Dry Grass
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More information for your inquisitive mind:

Turf shoes should not be selected based solely upon color. Color should be your last consideration, if at all. While it is nice to have a pretty team photo with all colors coordinated and players arranged by height, with smiling faces and identical color shoes, one must be aware that this is not what your sport is all about.

You pose for a few minutes, but play for a season.

As nice as matching shoes and sticks may look in the team photo, it is unlikely they serve the particular needs of individual players, who frankly bring their unique abilities to the team and to make the most of their athletic abilities need to have their own needs met.

THE PRIMARY OPERATIVE OF OUR SHOES IS TO KEEP YOU ON YOUR FEET WHILE YOUR OPPONENT SLIPS. Turf shoes should properly fit a player and allow the player to perform at the highest level. Shoe color should be the last consideration. Fit and stability should be primary reasons for selecting a turf shoe.

Team color uniforms should really be limited to matching socks, bottoms and tops. Shoe color does not bring out a player’s best skill and talent.

The correct shoe supports a player’s role in the game, reduces foot fatigue, allows mobility, and keeps the player perpendicular to the ground. The correct shoe enhances a player's natural ability.

Choose the right shoe and stay on your feet so you stay in the game.

email STICKexpert@fieldhockey.net to set up an appointment.

(Often she will call you back immediately).
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